Ford Focus XR5 Turbo

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The XR5 Turbo

The MkII Ford Focus XR5 Turbo is a hot hatch produced by Ford. In other markets, such as the UK, it is known as the Focus ST. I guess here in Australasia, it is called the XR5 to keep it in line with the names of Falcon models.


The MkII is clearly the second generation of the very popular hatch back produced by Ford. The XR5 was built from 2005 to 2009 in Germany. It could be bought in either 3 or 5 door configuration; however, here it was only with 5 doors. The 3 door was reserved for the higher up RS model.

This go fast version of the car competes with the likes of the Golf GTi and the Mazda 3 MPS. At the time, it was priced pretty competitively and you can now grab a good one up for a pretty reasonable price.

The engine powering this is a 2.5L inline 5 cylinder turbo sourced from Volvo. It was in a few of Ford’s vehicles and in this car, it produces 166kW and 320Nm of torque. This power transferred through a Getrag 6-speed manual and can get the car up to 100kph in a claimed 6.8 seconds. You will top the car out at 240kph which is enough to get you a bit of a ticket.

Being a 5 cylinder, it has that distinctive burble, however, it makes it not the most efficient car around and has a claimed average of 9.3 L/100km. With a fuel tank of 55L, you will get around 550km of range.

There is a noticeable bit of torque steer under heavy acceleration which makes for an interesting ride if you are letting your untrained friend have a go in the driver’s seat.


Special gauges such as oil pressure and turbo boost and a top of the centre console and keep you in the know as to when there may be a little problem and to tone it down a bit.

It includes a pretty neat 8 speaker Sony Audio system for you to listen to bangers on and has Bluetooth. You will enjoy sitting in the big Recaro bucket seats which hug you in place as you scoot around the corners.

Being a hatch back, there is plenty of practicality. With the seats up, there is 362L of storage and if that is not enough, you can put the rear seats down to accommodate large loads with over 1200L of space. The passengers also have a decent amount of room to spread out as well as some cup holders for their drinks.


The chassis is very well balanced and going through the corners, you can really hustle and leave a lot of cars in the dust. Along with wheels of 18 inches in diameter, wrapped in 225/40 R18 tyres, there is plenty of grip for you.

At the time of testing, it received a 5 star safety rating so you are getting a safe car when the time comes that you go to stack city.

Overall, a very good car that will always give you a smile as you drive it.

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