Lexus GSF

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The Lexus GSF

The Lexus GS range is a large car propelled by the rear wheels. There are many versions that you can have of which there are 4 cylinders, turbos, hybrids, 6 cylinders, and the version we are interested in here – the V8.


This F version is powered by a Naturally Aspirated (NA) 5.0L V8. Its outputs are 351kW at 7100rpm and 530Nm between 4800 and 5600rpm. This makes it a rather special car because no other car in its class has a NA V8 engine. They are all either twin-turbo or supercharged.
All this power is transferred to the rear wheels via an 8-speed auto with paddle shift.


On the inside, there are huge amounts of luxury in this vehicle. Everything you touch is of high quality and premium. There are very few parts shared with the lesser Toyota’s. There is plenty of room for your whole family and they will be very comfortable. It makes a great car to go on a holiday in with its big boot and quiet ride.

The gauge cluster is actually a screen and can be configured different ways to whatever style you are after. For example, if you are on a track, you can set it to have a lap timer and big tachometer as revs are very important as you need to know when to shift. As you can see, the speedometer is very small in comparison to the rev counter.

The technology list could go on forever but some main inclusions are: dynamic cruise control, 3 zone climate control, a 12.3” infotainment screen, automatic high beams, and park assist, memory powered seats all round including heaters, and a special 17 speaker Mark Levinson audio system for your bangers.

Safety is very important and is loaded with it including 10 Airbags, autonomous emergency braking and almost any other things you can think of.


Sticking out the back, you can see the quad exhaust pipes which look very sexy. The wheel guards are flared out more to fit these wider wheels and tyres adding to the aggressive look of it. The included tyres are Michelin Pilot Super Sport’s. These are very grippy and let the car go around corners very fast on your favourite road along with providing lots of feedback through the steering wheel.
Hidden behind the staggered 19” machined finished wheels are big orange brakes. On the front, there are 15” 6 pot brakes. This provides huge stopping power for whatever road you are driving on.

If you like an interesting colour for your car, you can get a colour called Lava which is very bright and matches those brakes perfectly!

The vents that you see in the side behind the wheels and the left and right of the grill are actually functional and cool different parts of the car down. This is unlike in some cars where it is just for show.

Overall, this is a car that I would love to have that in the garage at home with its sexy youth styling and big loud V8 engine…

If you enjoyed reading about this car or have any recommendations, please leave a comment below and we’ll see you next time.



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