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The Ford Falcon

This blog for this week is going back to cars. And in it, we are going to go over the Ford Falcon.

The Falcon is a rather large car made in Australia with its main rival being the Holden Commodore. The Falcons were only ever sold in NZ or Australia unlike the Commodore which was rebadged as a Chevrolet and a Vauxhall to be sold in America and England respectively.



The most common model, the XR6 is powered by a 4 litre inline 6 engine. The outputs for this were 195kW of power and 391Nm of torque. That is on the dirty cheapo 91 octane too. Put 98 in it and its output rises to 212kW of power and 420Nm of torque along with better efficiency.

For its size, it is pretty efficient with an official rating of 9.5l/100km on the combined cycle for 91.

The main transmission delivering this power is an excellent 6 speed ZF transmission which is very intelligent and also includes a performance mode and a manual shift gate.

As you can never have enough power, there were also turbo models which utilised the same engine along with V8’s. The turbos’ outputs grew to 270kW of power and 533Nm of torque. However you look at it, they are big numbers. The Falcon with this engine is also known to beat many V8 with its speed and acceleration.


The Falcon’s ride quality is very smooth and there is good sound deadening in the cabin. There is a huge amount of space and a massive boot to swallow up all your luggage so is a great car to use for a family holiday as well as towing trailers or boats.

As the Falcons are rear wheel drive, they make a pretty fun car to drive as the balance is closer to the optimum of 50:50 split between front and rear.

Push on a little in the corners and you can have a little bit of illegal fun as the back can swing around on demand and you can easily be drifting around the corner.

The sound of these cars make is pretty good and will keep any petrolhead happy. It will also turn the heads of other humans as they try to see the car go under full throttle.

In October 2016, Ford Australia closed down after 91 years. This meant an end of the Falcon (along with the Australian Ford Territory).

As a send-off to the Falcon, two limited edition models were released under the name of XR6 Sprint and XR8 Sprint. These models had more powerful engines than the standard models. Along with other special edition features.

The XR6 Sprint utilising the 4 Litre turbo Barra engine when on overboost, can product up to 370kW and 650Nm.
The XR8 Sprint utilising 5 Litre Supercharged Miami V8 with an overboost output of up to 400kW and 650Nm.


Overall, this is a really cool car that us Australasians have had and some people either love it or hate it. The people that hate it will surely love next week’s blog which will be on its rival, the Holden Commodore.


2 thoughts on “Ford Falcon

  1. Nice blog, I’m a fan of my old school cars. I own a 1974 Toyota Corolla KE20! Then there is my Daily Nissan but meh it’s average


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