Cable Bay

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Cable Bay

This week we will go in a different direction and have a piece on roads and a pretty and destination at the end of it.

The road is a slim windy road in the Nelson area of New Zealand. It is the Cable Bay road.

To get to this road, there is a turn off at Hira. From here, you travel on this windy road for about 8km and at the end of it, you arrive at Cable Bay. Quite a gem of a place.

There are two parts to this road. A 100kmh section and a 50kmh section. The 100k area is through farm land and has some tricky corners. The 50k area is a residential area and is very windy.

According to Google Maps, this road is 8km long and takes an estimated 11 minutes. That works out as an average of 45kmh. Like all estimations, it is an average and that time can be reduced quite a bit if you know the road and how to handle your car – and of course not getting stuck behind someone as there are no places to pass.

Most people would find this road tedious and horrible and drive very slowly as it is very thin with ditches, fences and power poles on either side.

As you get into the residential area, there are 4 water draining dips in the road as you go around the corner. In particular, the third one is rather large. If you like having a bit of fun, try going over this rather quickly and you will get a little bit of air – so long as you are prepared for it.

Along this road, there are attractions that you can go and do such as Happy Valley Adventures where you do fun activities such as playing paintball, Argo riding through farms, and the world’s longest sky wire flying fox. There is also a riffle shooting place which may interest some people.

Once you are at Cable Bay, there is a lovely beach that is made from rocks and that makes it the bay. There are walks that you can do in the area if that is your thing and one of them goes through a farm on the hill and you can walk all the way through to Glenduan which is about a 3-hour walk. There is a lookout shelter as you start climbing so you can see the pretty views of the bay.
If you carry along this rocky beach and you will come to a private island called Peppin Island. This is quite a large knobbly hill that is used as a farm.

In the summer, it is a good place to go for a swim and do some sunbathing. Some people take their kayaks out and have a little explore around.


At night, there are lovely sunsets as you can see in the picture I took not so long ago. If you are out there at night, it is very dark and you can see the stars shine brightly and the moon cast its white light.

What makes it even more serene, is that there is no reception for your cell phone so you can chat to your mates rather than go on Facebook.

If you have any questions or comments, please write a comment below.





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