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The Ferrari 599

To get the ball rolling, I will start this blog off with a post on a car that I have liked for a very long time.

This car is the Ferrari 599 GTB, and in particular, the colour black.


About the car…

This car was in production from 2006 and went until 2012 when the F12 Berlinetta took over.

Some basic information about this car is that it has a naturally aspirated 5999cc engine – as the name reflects – and there are 12 cylinders in the form of a V. This engine is placed in the front and is rear wheel drive.

This engine has a power rating of 612hp (456 kW) at 7600-rpm, and 608 Nm of torque at 5600-rpm. It revs all the way out to its 8400-rpm red line and sounds glorious doing so.

There are other faster, more hard-core versions of this car including the GTO which has 661hp (493 kW) and 620 Nm. Along with this power increase, the GTO is also 100kg lighter weighing in at 1600kg therefor is far quicker.


Like all Ferrari’s, the interiors are fully customisable with almost any colour leather you can wish for. You can even option to have carbon fibre in certain places to make it look cool and save a little weight, however, that can come with a rather hefty price tag…


If I had this car…

If I had this car, I think that I would always be out driving in it. I wouldn’t be able to resist it. I think the plan would be to just find an excuse to go out.

Obviously, it is only a two-seater so you could not take all your friends at once and go for a drive, only one at a time. Sometime in the ownership, they would want to have a drive of it. This would probably take some persuading and eventually you would give in and hand the keys over to them.

I think it would be rather difficult to keep your licence for long so a radar detector would be a rather worthwhile investment if you value your licence.

Apart from the cost of its upkeep, it would be a very cool and fun car to own and drive around in and would definitely get plenty of unwanted attention. The sound of constantly revving it out would be very addictive along with the speed it would carry.

Its official fuel consumption is 21.3 L/100km and even that would be hard to achieve. At current fuel prices, you are probably looking at about $50/100km, eek!

Occasionally, you may see one of these driving around whether in Nelson or afar. It always gets you excited as it is not the sort of car you see around very often.


If you have any questions about this car or the piece of writing, please click the leave a comment below button.


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